Canyoning In Indian Himalayas

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July 28, 2016
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August 8, 2016

Canyoning In Indian Himalayas

The sport of jumping into fast flowing mountain stream by different means like scrambling, sliding and abseiling is considered as Canyoning.

Canyoning in Indian Himalayas will definitely be a memorable experience for you, as we will provide you with a dynamic new adventure, climbing and caving into waterfalls. This climbing site is definitely the challenging yet very beautiful site to get in touch with nature. This area basically is favorable for Canyoning as the climate is sunny and dry. This place is also great for winter sports but during the months of November to March. Beautiful waterfalls dropping and magnificent scenery inspires our Canyoning area. Four waterfalls are 25cm long in this site and are gushing one after the other. They are categorized as first being the easiest while the last being toughest to climb.  Hiking, climbing, butt scooting, jumping, swimming and all sorts of fun activites are provided at this site. You will be able to climb this dangerous site safely under our controlled conditions and because of the gear that we will provide you, which includes canyoning harness, descender, carabiner, and canyoning rope.

The tour that we will be giving you is going to be lighthearted and safe but you will be able to experience this sport entirely. If you are not willing to go alone on your own, you will have guides with you to make you feel safe and to make your adventure fun. You should not worry about if the water is cold as you will be given wetsuits, which will keep your body warm. By reading this, you already know that it is going to be fun yet a tiring adventure that is why we have great food and places to stay so you can relax and gain your energy back.

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