Information about the Himalayan Region

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August 8, 2016
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August 12, 2016

Information about the Himalayan Region


This place is full of activity areas and if you are into adventure then there is no place better than the Himalayan Region. Activities like trekking, climbing, rafting and more are also available here.

The landscape provides you with excellent opportunities for sporty activities starting from beginner to expert level. Upon request, special tours are arranged that will suit you and your conditions the best. If you demand an expert to stay with you, it will also be fulfilled but for all these facilities you will have to inform us at least a month before.

The Himalayas are best for sports and activities as they are the tallest and youngest mountain ranges. Not only will you have the best activity adventure of your life, you will also meet people of different cultures and religions there too which may include people following Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and many other religions. The people here are very friendly and help you guide your way through your tour.

Make sure to bring warm and comfortable clothes the height of Himalayas are covered with snow, which never actually melts down but still the weather around here is very unpredictable and changes swiftly. Summers and springs make a great time for people to visit for holidays and for activities as for winter, the region is covered with snow and it is extremely cold to have a good time. Basically, it is the best place for mountaineers and for those who want to experience nature.


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