What Kit Do You Need For Climbing?

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What Kit Do You Need For Climbing?

climbing-mount-rainier-kit-gear-patrol-lead-fullIf you have been mountain climbing before in your life then chances are you already have a full set of gear of your own but if you are new and this is your first time, the necessary equipment will be provided to you. We always inspect our equipment, but because they are used very frequently there may be a bit of wear and tear. The tip is to always inspect your own gear too before you start climbing. We have covered the basics in this article and you can view detailed list here.


Make sure that you do not wear clothes that may cause any problems like getting in the way of you while climbing or getting stuck in your rope. The clothing should dry fast after it gets wet from your sweat and most of your entire outfit should be comfortable. Try to bring outfit according to the weather if you are climbing outdoors because there is a risk of changing conditions.


Most important part of the gear is your shoes as they are to protect your feet. The shoes should provide you enough friction that you need to grip the footholds. To choose the correct shoe you must keep in account the area you will be climbing and your climbing ability. They should be comfortable and fit but not painfully tight. Keep in mind that rock-climbing shoes are not for long distance walks, they are just for climbing.

Helmet and Harness

A helmet is a necessity when you are outdoors or climbing at a height. They are specially designed to keep you safe by cushioning your head. It should also fit your head but not too tightly, as it will start hurting you half way through your climbing.

If you need any more information regarding buying your own climbing gear, we will guide you and determine the best gear for you.


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